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Lauderdale County, Mississippi
Nearest town, Meridian - August 1975 10 pm

As a teenager in York Alabama, we would drive to Meridian, it was the nearest town and then we would cruise around for entertainment. One evening in August, myself and two friends decided to drive down a highway that went southwest out of Meridian. I cannot recall how far down this highway we went, but we turned off on a dirt road that went east and on this road we stopped to answer the call of nature. One got out on the driver’s side and the other friend and I got out on the passenger side. In the high beams ahead of us we could see there was a one lane bridge and there was a large oak tree across the ditch from us on the passenger side of the car. While we were standing outside of the car talking, a loud noise started coming from up in the tree…it sounded like a grunt and a growl combined; the noise was repeated several times and one of the tree limbs started thrashing up and down. Our eyes had not adjusted to the darkness and we could not see what was making the noise. As we were looking we made out something large come out of the tree and land in the ditch running. As you can imagine this had us pretty shook up but that was nothing compared to the feeling we had when the thing ran into the area ahead of the car that was illuminated by the head-lights on bright. The creature was running on two legs, it was covered in grayish black hair and it was extremely well muscled, we could see the muscles rippling as it ran along the ditch, which was two and a half to three feet deep and my eyes were level with the back of its head. I am six feet tall, so I estimate it was 8 to 9 feet tall.

The back of its head was shaped like a tear drop that is flat on the top. When it reached the bridge, it jumped down and bank in one bound and was out of sight but we could hear its footsteps going on for several seconds. We were so scared we jumped into the car, turned around and got out of there as fast as we could go. It was months before I worked up the courage to go back in the daylight and by then any sign of it would have been gone.

I have been an avid hunter and outdoors man since age of eight and I have never seen anything like that before or since. I now live in NW New Mexico and have two friends here who have had sightings in this area. One of them is a sheriff’s deputy who was on duty at the time of the sighting.

Two years ago while panning for gold in southern New Mexico I had something throwing rocks down a ridge at me, but I never saw it. My German Shepard was terrified of whatever it was. The next morning I found human like footprints along the stream. I have not reported this incident since I didn’t actually see the animal. I just thought I would relate these incidents to show I am not a believer, I KNOW the animals exist. Please don't use my name on your website, I still remember all the ridicule I suffered when I discussed my Mississippi sighting with people.

I just found your website recently and think it is excellent. I want to relate a conversation I had at work today with a co-worker. I showed him a still from the Patterson-Gimlin film off of your website. The gentleman is 63 years old and has been an avid hunter in New Mexico all of his life. When I showed him the picture I jokingly said don’t tell me you've never seen one. He replied, "no I haven’t, but I had never seen a mountain lion until last year." It just goes to show you that a stealthy animal can stay out of sight.

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