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La Puente, California

I was 19 years old and living in La Puente, California. I was attending Mt. San Antonio College in Pomona. My boyfriend Chuck and I had found a lovely spot behind my sister's home at 16636 Pocono. Up in the hills. We used to go there and "park" as young lovers used to call it. It was never found by anyone else that we knew of since, we had to open a gate and drive up there... It was our little secret place... The area was barren open fields where cattle had been grazed at one time.

There was a large knoll, which is where we always parked the car. (on top of). It offered a spectacular view of the surrounding area and was absolutely beautiful. On this particular nite the moon was just full and beautiful... I looked over Chuck's shoulder and I saw this creature climb up over the edge of the knoll. I was frozen with fear. Chuck didn't even know that I had seen — I couldn't speak. The creature was covered in hair and it walked upright. I'd say it was about 8 feet tall. I couldn't see its face because the moon was very bright and behind it. I just saw the very clear outline of this creature walking towards the car we were sitting in... (in all the pictures I've seen of bigfoot since that was exactly what I saw) It seemed to be "curious" and not attacking or anything like that... I finally caught my breath and let out a scream.

The creature stopped suddenly and looked startled, but still curious... I continued to scream... Chuck by this time had seen the creature and was fumbling and trying to start the car... which he finally did, all that time the creature just stood about 15 feet away just looking at us, apparently puzzled at our screaming and leaving. It didn't appear frightened, only very curious as we left.

Chuck and I both agreed that we would never tell anyone what we had seen since they would think we were crazy or something and wouldn't believe us anyway, also he didn't want the property owner to know about us being up there in his hills. This incident really happened. I really saw him he was real. I hadn't even EVER heard of Bigfoot at the time this incident had happened I wonder if anyone else had ever seen anything like this in that area during that time span.

It was about the fall/winter/ or spring of 1961-62. That's as close as I can remember. Since that's when I was dating Chuck. He by the way has gone on to become a multi millionaire importer/exporter and I on the other hand have been a flight attendant for a major airline for 37 years. Let me know if you have had any experiences like this one.

Judy Adams,

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