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Lake Of theWoods, Manitoba 1784

As long ago as 1784 The London Times reported that a "huge, manlike, hair-covered" creature had been captured by First Nation Canadians at a place called Lake Of The Woods, Manitoba.

Other than the creature was over 7 feet tall, there was little detail in the account. Some Native Canadians view these creatures as people. Some reports call these creatures "fierce people" others simply refer to them as "men of the mountains" “elder brother” or "our brothers."

Here is the British newspaper account:
"There is lately arrived in France from America, a wild man, who was caught in the woods, 200 miles back from the Lake of The Woods, by a party of Indians; they had seen him several times, but he was so swift of foot that they could by no means get up with him. He is near seven feet high, covered with hair, but has little appearance of understanding and is remarkably sullen and subdued. When he was taken, half a bear was found lying by him, whom he had just killed." © The London Times dated January 4, 1784.

(From the database of Bobbie Short, 1996)