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Lake County, Oregon
Fremont National Forest

Sunday 26 November 2000 8:30 PM

Mountain Range: Sisters, Oregon.

The closest road is # 31

I have seen a big black one, a young red one, both close up and one dark one running through Christmas Valley, Oregon. I have seen them evenings and nights for many years. The two I saw close were males; I am not sure about the one in the valley. The ones with less than 10 toes have had them frozen off. This often happens with animals that live out in the cold. The ones here stay warm and have 10 toes.

Where I live they are around a great deal of the time. However what I wanted to say was about the smell, the Bigfoot odor. Some people smell rotten fruit, rotten eggs, rotten meat, and wet dog. I mostly smell wet dog. However these different smells could be from intestinal gases from the foods eaten by these Bigfoot. Also the females during cycle would smell very much like rotten meat as they would after giving birth.

I am a farmer and deal with animal smells and if they are not feed right and get dehydrated they emit very bad smells they would not on an average time. The swamp things smell so bad because they sweat in that wet heat, I smell when I am there too. I think the smells are more a thing that can tell us the sex and well being of these animals. I am doing some private research on these smells, but have not written a report or anything. When I do I will forward it. The closest water source is only irrigation pits.

Please do not use my name or personal information, or call me. Boy, I like the way you handle these things, some others I ran into were not as trusting, I guess that is it. I am very serious about my theories.

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