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Kingfisher County, Dover, Oklahoma
Near Dover, 1996-1997
4pm, Closest Water is Turkey Creek, Closest Road Redfork Drive

It was the middle of the day and a couple friends and I went 4-wheeler riding.  We road up into the north end of the land that I live and seen a deer take off running to our NW. 

Surprised, we rode up to the fence and in the field to our north just on the edge of the tree line we seen something walking to the west.  The creature was somewhere around 7 to8 feet tall with black fur from head to toe. Walked slightly hunched over.

“Needless to say, we didn't sit and watch for long... we hauled *** back to the house.” It was the middle of the day and around 80-90 degrees out, all 3 of us are CERTAIN that what we'd seen couldn't have been a man in a suit. How many people are 7-8 feet tall around here? 

That is the only SIGHTING I have seen. However I have heard something that scared the SH*T out of me.  I had 2 fairly large dogs 3 years ago. A German Shepard I kept on a chain and a large Chow that ran free.  One night I was lying in bed at around 1:30 at night and heard my dogs barking like crazy.  They didn't bark for too long because about 15 seconds of them barking I heard this loud growl.  Immediately after that growl there was nothing but silence outside.  I'd like to say I looked out the window to see what it was, but I was too busy laying extremely still under the covers while my heart was pounding. I can't say what it was that growled, but my dogs where big and defensive of things coming onto the property, so whatever got both of them to shut up in an instant surely had to be pretty scary.  At the time I was 17. I'm now almost 20 and I still whole-heartedly believe that there is something out in the trees that I'd hate to run into in the middle of the night.

There is a huge area of trees and brush just along the creek Northwest of my house.  It is very possible that something could survive in that area without being seen by too many people.  And dozens of turkeys pass through this area every year that the creature could feed off of.

Joshua Brown (me), Jessie Abercrombie, Arlan Russell (Area Map below)
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Sunday, March 14, 2004 9:32 PM