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Johnson County, Mountain City Tennessee
Sept 2003 7:30p

Closest water is the Elk River
Closest Road would be U.S. 321

As I drove home from church last week I was coming across a little hill when up ahead I saw a animal I was sure didn't live in the area.

I had my camra in the back so I decided to get a picture. I took two from about 50 yards away, then I decided to get closer for a better picture.

I drove closer to the animal and got within 25 yards of it before it started looking at me. I was still able to get two more pictures of the animal.

Then another car came down the road and the animal ran up into the woods. I do have four pictures of the animal, but you can only see the animal really good in two.

The terrain I don't really know except there are some pine trees beside the road.

What I saw was a large hairy animal standing on it's back legs (upright) but bent over eating something off the road.

When the animal ran it stood about 6 or 7 foot and ran on it's feet like a person. It really looked like a great big ape except it walks like man does.

Bob Jones
Uploaded - Monday, September 8, 2003

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