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Jefferson County, Missouri
July 2003 Near Desoto
2:37am, there was a lake nearby off hwy 21

I arrived at mother’s house and parked down by our garage, which is down by the woods. We live down a gravel road in a densely populated area I mean probably 10 people in every square mile. I had my dog with me, she is 40% wolf and lab she was acting really strange. Ever since I was a kid I have been scared to go down to the garage that was once a barn. It always felt like something or one was watching me.

We get out of the car and Kayle (my dog) starts barking at the woods it is to dark to see but I hear some commotion. We rushed up to the house and went in and I duck behind the door. In the dusk to dawn light I could see if there was anything following me. We have a dusk to dawn light that cast light to which if anything crossed through it there would be a shadow cast. There was human looking shadow coming around the house I grabbed my pistol and darted out the door. As I come around the side of the house I came maybe 5 feet away from a huge grayish black being. Instantly I turned and ran back to the sidewalk. I then turned around to see the creature gracefully with a weird type of movement walk up to the top of the driveway then stop turn and stare at me with a sort of soul digging look. Then Kayle takes off after it! It walks two steps to the shadows turns and disappears then Kayle comes running back. I stood there for a few minutes in shock for my life will never be the same because I saw what know can even imagine. It scares me so bad I get chills when I think about and people sometimes believe me because they say they can feel the fear as a speak about it. It is a hilly thicket in some places, the terrain with a lot of trees and small ponds. It has a lake less than a mile away and big river is only 5 miles away and the town of Blackwell, which has the highest numbers of violent crimes in the world for a town its size! It is only 4 miles down the tracks less than 500 feet from my house. The creature was a grayish black demonic looking creature. Walked like man but lumbered along liked an ape. It had the strangest glowing eyes like a pair of night vision goggles at knight.

Dale Martin Jr
Filed: Monday, October 06, 2003 10:42 AM