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Itasca County, Squaw Lake, Minnesota
1984 January, area map follows...

I was quite sure what I saw this time and I "may" have seen another near Outing Mountain. The second sighting may have been a bear standing on his hind legs on the logging road off the main road of Minnesota #46 in the Chippewa National Forest. The area was a flat, logged-off forest with patches of timber remaining.

The Sasquatch looked like a very large man in a black overcoat from where I was; this was way down the logging road, we had been logging eleven miles off the main road and there were no other people out there at the time.

What I observed was a large frame, upright walking sasquatch with broad shoulders, roughly 300+ pounds, 6 feet to 7 feet tall moving fairly quickly into the timber and it was gone.

(Map of the county follows..)
Jerry Andersen
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