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IOWA HAPPENINGS: © The Sasquatch Report Issue #84 March 1997

Roger Price of Iowa, wrote to me this series of bigfoot related events that occurred over a long period of time from 1992 to 1996.

"It began in August, 1992, at about 8:20 p.m. I was pulling the boat up the bank when we noticed a rotten egg or a sewer smell...we were a mile away or so from any homes, so we ruled out that the smell was coming from a sewer. We thought we may have crushed some duck eggs, or possibly overturned a dead fish while removing the boat from the water, but no duck eggs or any fish were seen or found."

9:00 p.m.

"We can't believe our eyes, somebody or something is walking the bank of the river. Though the flashlight is dim, we saw what looked like a bear walking on its hind legs. One problem...there are no bear in this part of Iowa. Steve notices the smell again, the creature is close enough to hit with a rock, but we just watch. Steve fires three fast shots in front of it with his .22 rifle. With two large steps the thing is on top of the bank and gone."

4:30 a.m.

"No sleep, too scared! Again we can faintly smell rotten eggs."

1992 sighting description

The creature appeared to be 6' 5" to 6' 10" tall, with a thick square-type of body. Its arms were
big and heavy, reaching just past the kneecaps. It had what appeared to be thick, mossy, brown hair with inverted eyes which were close together. When it walked, its arms swung way in front and way in back. Approximate weight of the creature is estimated at 275-325 lbs.

Sightings continue

Date: July 18, 1995.

"At 1:30 a.m. movement in the timber is heard accompanied by loud, sharp, whistling. After 10-15 seconds of silence, an ungodly sound was made, like that of a screaming woman. The 2 of us each turn on our one million candlepower spotlights, and we see a creature, or a man, walking onto a sandbar. While doing so, it turns toward us moving its whole upper half of the body while walking. It then disappears into the shallow river, but we never saw it exit or get out of the water. We think it may have gone under the water and swam below the surface and exiting at some point where our lights werenot shining. Its eyes appeared to be closed, its height seemed to be 6'9" to 7'0" feet tall, and its weight is somewhere between 350-400 lbs."

" On July 19th, at 6:00 a.m. a thunderstorm has erupted and looks like whatever trace we saw (last night), is now all gone, but an odd large barefoot print with what looks like a bump or a growth mark on the outer part of the print is seen. The right footprint (or so we think), is 38 inches from the left print. We measured the prints at 13.5" L, x 6.25" W (at the toes), 4.25" wide (at the heel), all measurements are approximate."

October 1996

"My wife and I are collecting firewood for the cold night ahead of us. We are deep in the woods approximately 500 yards from camp. As we sit on a fallen log my wife picks up a good sized stick and starts striking the log, just to break the silence."

"We hear a crack close by assuming that a tree fell or a branch broke, which is a common occurrence in this area. However, about 30 seconds later, we hear a tapping sound which seems to be mimicking my wife's tapping. I passed it off as a woodpecker, but as Cheri kept tapping, so would the other. Three taps, a pause, then two taps. This kept up for about ten minutes. Not thinking much of it, we decided to get back to the wood we had collected, when the tapping became almost "violent", followed by an alarm-like whistling."

"I was armed with an 1860 .44 caliber black powder revolver which I drew and started in the direction of the racket approximately 50 yards away. As I approached, I saw running at full speed a mass of black-brown hair."

"With my wife running back to camp to arm herself, I slowly followed until the land dropped off to the river. As I looked at the river from the top of the bank, I could see ripples in the water, and wetness on the opposite bank, where something had evidently climbed up. I stopped my chase at this point. However, to my right on, as well as under, an eroded part of the bank, I could see a neatly made pile of twigs and branches, so I began to investigate."

"In so doing, I noticed a stack of large carp along with what looked like cleaned roots of some type. Though I was curious, I decided to get back to camp and be with Cheri. We ended up leaving that night do to some unexplained noises and visions."

"the creature I saw was the same creature I saw in '92 and '95. This one was bigger than the last sightings, or it had gotten bigger. It had a very large body, he upper chest was very powerful looking. It had little or no neck to speak of...with long swaying arms and a bitter smell like dog manure. The creature was 6'10"" to 7 feet tall and possibly weighing about 400 lbs. with strides of about 4 feet from the left foot to the right foot, etc. When looking around at me, his whole upper body moved, not just his head or neck."

Roger ends his story..."what I saw no doubt was bigfoot."

© The Sasquatch Report Issue #84 March 1997
Report provided by researcher and Editor of the "Sasquatch Report" Tim Olson