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Grangeville, Idaho County, Idaho September 1975

Russ Gebhart interviewed informant Dale Dvorak of Lewiston, just south of Grangeville.

While Dvorak was a student at Lewis-Clark State College he and a groups of boys in Buffalo Hump area on a three day trail biking trip with a pick up truck along came to the end of the road over looking Kelly Lake, one and a half hours before dark. They saw a large animal on a boulder and watched it until it got dark. It was dark in color, walked on hind legs and went into thin brush then back up on the rock, kept moving around. It was bigger than human but never got on all fours. The animal was about 3/4 quarters of a mile away at the time, none of them thought sasquatches were real until they saw it.

Russ Gebhart interview sent to John Green.
BC Archives.