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Hollis, New Hampshire May 1977

© Boston Herald American May 16, 1977
Sleeping in camper at flea auction, 10:30 p.m., truck began shaking severely. Man opened door and threw on some lights, saw face to face a hairy brown creature eight or nine-feet tall. It ran and jumped
a 4 ½ foot fence, then stood watching from a distance. He left and reported to police. Boys 12 and 14 confirm shaking but didn't see creature.

May 17th
story says another camper reported shaking the same night. 16 inch long by 6 inch wide tracks were found with "great big toe."

A Massachusetts man told police that his camper was shaken by a "ten foot tall hairy creature with human like features" near New Hampshire 122. Police found ground covered with soft pine needles that would not show tracks. No other details.
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