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Bristol, Hartford County, CT
January 12, 2005

On the night of 1-12-2005 8:45pm I was looking out my apartment window when I looked across the street at the railroad tracks. I noticed a large gorilla-human-like figure walking behind a snow pile. Then it walked on too the warehouse parking lot then crouched down as if looking at something when it stood up it was 5 1/2 ft tall black hair all over its body it had red glowing eyes. It then walked over to the side of the road, Emmett Street and crossed the road & ran back down the railroad tracks again.

It had an average body, medium sized head not pointed; I didn't see the creature's face. The sighting only lasted 15 seconds but it felt longer because I was finally amazed at what I saw. Some researchers think I might have seen a young sasquatch. The area had oak trees & different trees. This sighting took place in Bristol, Connecticut.

Please feel free to email me any sightings that will help me with my research. If you all do this for me I will send you my bigfoot article.