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Hardman, Oregon, Umatilla National Forest

This sighting occurred in the West Reserve of the Blue Mountain Range of the Umatilla National Forest in route, going into Tri City. The forest in the region bears excellent yellow pine and tamarack covering approximately 800,000 acres. The yellow pine is more abundant and is found in more suitable situations on this reserve than is seen in any other part of Oregon. Trees grow to an amazing thirty to fifty inches in diameter, with height of 150 feet not uncommon.

I will have to go to a map to get it exact. Checking, the sighting occurred just south of Hardman, Oregon in the Umatilla National Forest on Hiway 207. The city of Hardman is straight South of Hermiston, Oregon. My background is retired Police Officer. You must understand that at the time I did not want to be called a nut, if you get my drift. This is why I told no one about this until now. The time of day was 11:30 PM in the month of late October or early November 1980, the year Mt. St. Helen erupted in my great state of Washington.

I can remember every thing. My truck was pulling the hill as best it could and top speed was 25 to 30. The Bigfoot was a medium brown in color. I could see all of him as I was so close. His eyes were more of a glowing red color he had shaggy long hair. He was standing on the right side of my truck about where you might see a warning sign like a curve or hill etc, this is what he was doing while I was at a distance. I really did not pay much attention until I was about fifty feet from him then he was on the yellow fog line, still on my right.

I have no idea what he was planning to do like cross the road or what until I got close enough to see what he was, then that is when it was too late. I just could not get that truck to go any faster. I was petrified. I will also add that this was not a well-traveled road at that time of night, I was just trying to get to the Tri City area for the night.

When I passed the creature I remember his head movement was like mine, he was looking at me just as much as I was looking at him. There was no movement like hostile or jumping, we were just looking at each other.

His eyes seemed to be a reddish color. I do not know if that was because of the lights or not, he was about eight foot or so tall maybe less maybe more — at that point I did not care! I can describe his features. His hair was long but not shaggy and it hung maybe to 3 or 4 inches in length in various places. I am sure it was a male as I saw no boobs, but at the same time I did not see a penis either, but I thought this could be under all the hair which covered his body.

I still get goose bumps just thinking of him. This is the first time I have ever said anything except to my wife. I forgot to say that I live in Moses Lake, Washington. If you need any more info let me know! Hope this helps as I said before I still get goose bumps.


Email address withheld by Bobbie Short, July 2000.