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Hamilton County, New York
Near the Warren County border, 1979

The possible sighting I mentioned happened Upstate New York in the Adirondacks about 1979 in mid summer.

I was on a week long hiking trip and was up ahead of the group checking out some beavers working. I had strayed maybe a couple hundred feet off the main trail. As I worked my way back to the main trail I spooked something up ahead. It crashed through the thick brush and then I heard feet pounding the hard packed main trail. The main trail ran diagonal to me and as it ran it actually was coming closer to me.

Along with the thump, thump of the feet it was crying out like a cross between a child and a woman screaming. As it passed an opened area I saw it had brownish fur and lighter tips and was running upright at high speed. My first thought was I had scared a bear cub and I circled away and in to meet the trail down the other end not wanting to meet mama bear. Being from eastern long island and not familiar with bear country it wasn't until years later I found out that it is highly unlikely what I saw was a bear cub, it ran at least 150 feet upright in my view.

What really made me question was the sounds it made sound like a miniature version of the vocalizations on a few of these bigfoot websites.

[It is important to note that none of the 'sounds' uploaded on various websites, were recorded by "actual researchers or witnesses who saw a bigfoot make these sounds." It is only speculated that the posted sounds are from a sasquatch. Most often these sounds can be attributed to something other than sasquatch. Indian lore tells us that sasquatches generally whistle to communicate among themselves.... editorial comment]

Another kid on this hike also heard the crying and thought they were bizarre. I never looked for tracks or sign because at the time I assumed it was a bear cub. Whatever it was stood about four and a half feet tall.

I have hunted and trapped my whole life and make a living as a commercial fisherman. I have seen many things over the years that are not supposed to be where I have seen or caught them. I am used to dealing with very skeptical and dismissive so called experts. When people can't understand or explain things they often resort to ridicule.

I've caught fish that I tried to explain to experts and scientist and was told I was mistaken because they weren't in this hemisphere, after producing the fish they changed their minds. A number of people I work with and myself have seen manatees in New York, humpback whales in shallow bays in New Jersey and countless other strange things. My reason for mentioning this is that it's very unlikely we would have seen any of these if we weren't on the water so often for so many hours. As far as bigfoot goes it seems that more emphasis should be given to talking to the people who see and work in the more remote places like trappers, herb foragers, in land waterman, poachers, hermits, etc.

I realize that sounds funny as many of these are not likely to volunteer much or any information, but I know from my own experience that when I work in areas I was unfamiliar with, the people with the absolute best information usually fall into this type of category. The methods of snaring and trapping differ greatly across the country and some could be very useful in obtaining solid physical evidence like hair samples or possibly even a live trap. If you are interested in more specifics please contact me. I also spoke to another person who heard many vocalizations with 4 or more people in the same area. I hope this is helpful.

Thank you,
Bill Dean
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At the time of this filing, this report is 24 years old. August 3, 2003