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Harford County Maryland
Gunpowder Falls State Park
Reported by Jenny Herritt RN

"I was out hiking one morning in early July, and found a large footprint in the muddy riverside. The footprint was about 18 inches long and had 4 toes. The width was at least 6 inches and probably more. My normally friendly Golden Retriever became very anxious, and aggressive. He would growl and cling to my leg and have his tail tucked down. I called investigator Dave Bittner who found additional evidence. There was the leg of a killed deer, which was placed directly on our path. About a week later, I went hiking again and found another footprint evidence of a Bigfoot that I photographed. While I photographed the print, I heard the eerie scream that reminded me of howler monkeys I have heard in Belize, Central America. Thanks to L. Jen Silver.
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Investigator Bittner wrote:
I think some clarification is in order with this report.
When I visited the Gunpowder Falls State Park with Jenny, the original footprint she had found was no longer there, having been washed away by the river. I never got to view the original footprint. We hiked around the park, using the trails, and coming down one hill found some deer leg bones on the edge of the trail. (I have a photo of them.) Saying that they were "placed" there is stretching things a bit, and implies that someone left them there for us to find. I seriously doubt this was the case. We found some deer bones, nothing more, with no Bigfoot related signs nearby. Unfortunately, Jenny photos didn't come out. They are out of focus. While I'm open minded to the possibility that there may indeed be a Bigfoot roaming though the Gunpowder area, I've personally yet to see any compelling evidence. Jenny is sincere, however, and I'm hopeful that her continued investigations in the area will unearth some hard evidence.

Posted to the IVBC Wednesday 25 Aug 1999 14:26:21 -0400