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Gunnison County, Colorado
August 2000

The Riley Report:

Two hikers forced by a storm to camp in high wilderness north of Crested Butte, Colorado emerged with quite a tale. They said they had been shadowed for two nights by at least one Bigfoot that peered into their camp and approached their tent. (© Theo Stein, from his article in The Denver Post, Jan 2001)

Bobbie Short's own source investigator in Colorado had this to say regarding the Eagle River incident:

"I read the 4 page report on the Bigfoot in Colorado in the Rocky Mountain News Sunday 14 January 2001 and was wondering if you had heard about it? It was a fair article but not entirely true or complete."

"The Riley report of August 22, 2000 from the Crested Butte and Snow Mass Lake area which is in Gunnison County is the one we spoke about. The newspaper really down played his report and kept it more believable. However, as I told you Bobbie, I believe the whole report was a fabrication by Riley the "Manhattan hiker." There have been many serious reports from that area prior to Riley's and I believe that Riley and his friend probably heard the stories from Crested Butte people and Riley wanted to get in on the "fun". Riley's friend from Crested Butte, who was with him, reported that he stayed in the tent and did not see any thing. I feel this was because the Crested Butte friend did not want to get involved in the hoax as he was from the area."

General comments by © Investigator PW, Aurora, Colorado, 15 January 2001