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Grant County, Oregon
1974-75 Late Summer, early fall
Near Canyon City and Bend Oregon
Three Sisters Range of the Cascades…closest water Canyon Crk ½ mile....

1. Saw what I first thought was a woman on top the hill across the street from our house. You cross the street go through about 20 yards or so of poplars or the like and then go up a steep trail. It was on this trail is where it stood. The silhouette was featureless except that now I noticed that the hair covered the entire body not just the head. Could see no facial features. It was a dark reddish brown as the sunlight from the sunset behind it lit it up. It stood there for a good minute or so, turned and walked away. I ran into the house once it had gone and screamed to everyone what I had just seen. Later parents went atop hill and found footprints. Do not know what size.

2. In the 3 Sisters Mountains we have seen footprints going across highway. When I was taking a leak, I noticed that there were footprints in the sand going into the woods. I got scared and jumped into the front seat. I was very young but knew that they belonged to a bigfoot. Then mother calmly made us get out and we looked at the tracks as about the size of a man's size 9 or 10 foot.

1. Mountainous to rolling hills. Sparse pine and some stands of what I think of now as poplar or skinny straight thin birch. House was up a hilly road and near town. 2 ½ blocks to town center. Small town.

2. Three Sisters Mountain Range between Bend and Eugene Oregon. Thick rain forest type area. Thick, wet and lots of vegetation.

Some extra stories I would like to share with you. Even though they may be hearsay. I can vouch for their credibility. I think they are all-sane and psychologically fit and so am I.

1. Wife saw three scaling a steep hillside around the border of Utah and Wyoming. There was one of them that waited. As it waited, it turned around its whole body, not just a simple neck turn and a little shoulder like humans but a lot of shoulder and little neck. Full moon with snow on the ground. 100 yards or so from highway.

2. Grand mother saw one looking into her cabin out side of Yreka, California. She says that its eyes reflected blue and that they seemed that they contained all the knowledge of the world in them. That's how she described it to me.

3. A friend of mine from Michigan said when he was younger, he and his parents had to stop on the highway one night because they had a big hairy bigfoot in the road and it didn't move for a good moment before it ran off into the woods.

4. Mother heard screams from another house we owned a 1/2 mile as the crow flies from where my sighting occurred and they are described by her as loud, guttural, mournful, deep and also raspy as though you could hear it take in the air. She has seen some footprints outside of Eugene Oregon.

Thank you for letting me share my experience with you and having this site to voice and share them with others.

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