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McCurtain, Glover, Oklahoma
July 1987 6:30 pm

It was about seven feet tall. It had long reddish hair. The hair on its arms hung down about six inches or more. There was another car in front of me he walked behind that car to cross the road. When he did, he was right in front of me, took three steps and he was crossed the road. I went back to see if i could see him but he was gone. I saw him very well and no man could step as far as he did in three steps. It was at least seven feet tall long reddish brown hair. Its arms were very long and he looked to be built very solid.

The area was very thick wooded big oak trees swamp land about one mile from Little River on the old hiway between Glover and Millerton. The hiway crosses the river by a bridge called the Golden Gate Bridge - like in California but a lot smaller he was about one mile from the south of the bridge. "I have heard other stories about other people seeing him and hearing him maybe now other people from that area will come forward." County map below...

I was born and raised in Oklahoma, now live in Oregon since 1992.
Melvin Jackson

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Monday, September 9, 2002