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Glacier County and Flathead County, Montana

I can see that it has been awhile since anyone has written on the subject of Bigfoot, but here are a couple of stories from my family and friends! Back in when I was a young teenager, my brothers, cousins, and my sister all saw one out by the Glacier International Airport! We lived there and we had a lot of trees out behind our house, which is where they all saw him! He was next seen peeking in our kitchen window! The kids slept in our mom's room for a long time after that! At about the same time that they saw him a friend form Kalispell and one of his friends saw one up by Kila, Flathead County and then two men who worked at Plum Creek saw one running across hwy 2 (LaSalle, also Flathead County), plus a man who worked for the Forest Service and my friend's dad saw one plus evidence that it lived down by the Presentine Bar! Lastly, my son and his friends saw one not too far from the Presentine Bar just a few years back! My son is not a liar, so yes after all of these sightings I do believe that they are out there! Plus just a few years ago one was spotted in a backyard up in the Hungry Horse area!

Kalispell, MT. posted 2009