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Fulton County Pennsylvania
Mc Connellsburg Cowan's Gap State Park
September 2002 - 8.00am
Juliana River between route 75 and 522 and route 30

We were on a hike at Cowan's Gap State Park it was approximately 8 am, when we saw a few deer about 30 feet in front of us they were feeding, I had a camcorder so I filmed the deer, about a minute later the deer were spooked, and then all the birds flew away all at once. There was a lot of foliage and leaves were still on trees but you could hear leaves rustling as if something was chasing something. It was a panic type run a fearful run, like an animal that was in fear running away from another animal, and then there were these shrilling type of growls, in groups of 3 and maybe 4 at a time, I have hunted when I was younger, I know for a fact that I never heard nothing like this before and my wife lived in Michigan near the woods and she never heard anything like this. Well I tried to get a glimpse of what this was but the view was obstructed by foliage and leave, so I held my camcorder and managed to get the sound audio on tape, You can hear it but it hard to hear, it may be able to be edited, well after the yell or growls stopped, we decided to go on a little further up a mountain side, and we got about and eighth of mile up the trail, we where still scared or a little nervous about it, well whatever it was we just thought will never know, My wife was ten feet in front of me and I was looking to my right at the time, I heard a loud thud, you know the sound you would hear if large stump or something of that nature wood fall from a height and hit the ground, well when I turned all I saw was the remainder of the bush that moved, but my wife had more of a view and she saw the hind quarters of something very muscular leap and it was gone in a flash, after this we were dumbfounded, so we stood there in disbelieve of what had just happened so we walked about 10 feet and there where whatever it was had pushed off and moved a huge boulder and that is what made the thud, well the boulder at a guess would have been weighed in at 2000lbs, and to move this by pushing off of it, my guess is you would have to weigh between 500-800 lbs. It was dark in color, only saw the muscular hind quarters and the other thing that puzzles me that it had cleared the mountain ridge so fast that I didn't see anything but the bush move but my wife could only get a glimpse of the hind quarters, the distance from the rock to where it vanished was up the mountain was 70 yards and it would have taken us 5 to seven minutes to climb, we still talk about this often, we told some people, but I think they think that we are nuts. My wife is a registered nurse and I am involved in school for real estate. Well sorry I waited so long to tell about this, but I didn't know this site was here till now.

Please read this as I have told the truth, and would swear on my fathers grave. Please feel free to use or contact at anytime, I don't care what anyone thinks, my wife and myself know that it is very real and never will forget. The area was mountains with mountain laurel, evergreens tall trees and near a stream and a lake. Please feel free to contact, I have the tape of the audio, I will have to look for it as I haven't listened to it for over a year, but it is hard to hear, but maybe you could edit it somehow, thanks for listening You don't have to keep it confidential, we know that it is very real!

Eric J Mazzi and Kathy S Mazzi

Saturday, January 24, 2004 10:17 PM