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Benson County, Fort Totten, North Dakota July, 1978

North Dakota State Park not far from Devil’s Lake Just before dawn, I was taking this one lady back home. She lived in a tree’d section of town.

I dropped her off and she went to her porch. She happened to look over to the side of her house porch and that's when she saw the bigfoot-like creature…she started screaming and raced back to my car. The woman jumped in and told me what she had just seen.

We went with her back to her house with a couple of friends and searched the area but we didn't see anything significant except we found footprints. The tracks were barefooted and measured around 13" to 16” each in length.

The woman only got a quick glimpse, but she described the bigfoot as hairy, very tall and its hair was brown and medium length.

Silas Ironheart

Submitted: Saturday, January 20, 2001 4:52 PM