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Limestone County
Elkmont, Alabama Approximately 1986

The road close to where this happened runs between HWY 127 and Easter Ferry Rd., not far from Elk River. I was about 300 yards from the road in a wooded area and closer to Easter Ferry than Hwy 127.

In the late 60's some friends and I, being young had started cave exploring.
I have never been into hunting animals as a sport.

This has been 32 years ago, and I am now 52 years old but I still remember it as yesterday.

It was cold and had been snowing a little, and my brother-in-law and I went deer hunting. We got to a place that he said he knew deer were. I walked down a path about 1/4 mile from him, and after a few minutes I heard something in the brushes around some trees. (Behind me was a great big hill -very tall) as I eased around the trees to see, there was a big buck deer hung up in the bushes by his antlers.

I had a shotgun with a slug in it and as I got the deer in my sights, the deer turned his head looked at me and just stood there (never ran).

Like I said, I wasn't into hunting, and I didn't shoot him. I couldn't, I was 16 years old, and this was my first time deer hunting and also my last.

I walked back, and found my brother-in-law and told him what had happened and if he wanted the deer I'd show him where it was. We walked back to find the deer gone and nothing left but velvet, this is when my brother-in-law told me what the deer was doing, and that was rubbing the velvet from his antlers.

Like I said I had never been deer hunting and didn't know this back then. While I was there I noticed a small stream of water running out of a small opening at the bottom of the hill. I had no flashlight with me and could only see that it did go back up into the hill.

Some friends and I had been exploring caves that were around that area. A few days later I saw my best friend and told him of the opening, and he and I back to this location with a flashlight. We got to the opening and I knelt on the right side of the stream and he on the left side. The opening was about two feet high and maybe a foot and a half wide with a stream of water that was about eight inches wide running out of it.

We both got on down and laid on the ground looking into the opening, shinning the light inside. The weather that day was cloudy and it had been raining, so lying on the ground was not that great. Anyway I shined the light and saw that about 2 feet into the opening that it opened up into what looked like a big room in a cave, we were talking about how big it was and as I shined the light to the left and saw that there was a turn to the left. This is when something BIG, HAIRY, and BARE CHESTED walked into the light. I turned and ask, what is that (?) only to find that my friend had jumped up and was gone.

I jumped up and ran after him and ask him again what he thought it was, and his reply was “what?” I have never been back to that location. I know that whatever it was had to get in there another way. I told a few people, and they laugh at me. Some said that there were a few old Indians that live back up in there, but if they did I never saw them.

My friend that was with me, well we grew up together and I knew him like a book. He lived and stayed at our house 90% of the time, and I know he saw something because he was just as scared, as I was that day. I haven't seen him in also 23 years now. I went on to become a Police Officer, and he into management of a water department.

That day I know what I saw, and no one believed me and it has never been checked out, and he and I never went cave exploring again.

All I can tell you is that I saw a turn to the left, and as I shinned the light I could see a little into the turn, and was trying to get a better look, and this is when something came from around the turn and walked into the light from the turn. I was scared and it all happened in seconds, but what I saw was big, hairy and bare chested, I know this because I shinned the light up. I remember the legs and I shinned the light up and did see that it did not have hair on its chest. This is when I turned to my friend and seen he was gone. I never saw a face. To tell you in words what it looked like, well I can't it was dark and all I had was a flashlight and it had good batteries in it. I know the legs were very hairy, and no hair on the chest. I was not looking for anything. We were just seeing if this was a cave. It was, but something lived there. I have wondered about this for 32 years off and on. But I will say with all my heart it was APE like and I will take a lie detector test on it.

This is my story, and with all respect to you, for you have probably heard them all, this is very true. It’s my memories and boy do I remember...

Harold Hughes
Mon, 28 Mar 2006