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Douglas County, Nevada
Near Minden in the Pine Nut Mountains
October, 1994 around 9:00 p.m
Numerous Springs in the area not far from Hwy 395

I did not see anything because it was pitch black night. Being stranded, tired and miles from help added to the terror to the ordeal, But I was of sound mind and positive of what happened. I never saw anything because of the darkness.

It’s what I heard that’s important.

I was eighteen miles off Hwy 395 cutting firewood for the upcoming winter.  I was driving down a logging road when a piece of brush tore out my transmission line. I had no choice but to walk out, after walking 8 miles it was dark, this when I encountered a large, screaming animal walking towards me breaking trees.

When I heard the first scream I was so startled I jumped two feet in the air. I never go in the mountains unarmed I was carrying a 30 round SKS.  I could hear this beast was extremely angry and coming straight at me. I thru the safety off of my rifle and fired 10 rounds over the head where the creature was making his noise, which would have been 50 yards to the south of me.

It stopped its advance towards me.  Then it started to move in the opposite direction uphill, all the while screaming and breaking trees along the way until it crested a large hill. I continued to walk to town thinking to myself what would have been the outcome if I had not been armed.

My family who had been searching for me since dark, they eventually picked me up.

Pinion and Juniper forest with logging roads extremely rocky and steep hills color this area.

I am of Native American decent, the Washoe Tribe. After speaking with some elders in the tribe, they informed me the creature could have been either Bigfoot or Honawewe.

Raymond Painter who notified the Washoe Tribal Investigator

Thursday, October 16, 2003
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