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Dickson County, Tennessee, roughly 30 miles west of  Nashville off of I-40.
April of 2003  Approx. 6:00 pm, near Dickson

I was fishing (by myself, of course) along the bank of Lake Woodhaven. The  lake is located in a state park called Montgomery Bell.  There is a trail that winds it way through the woods along side the lake.  I walked about  half a mile into the woods to reach my fishing spot. It began to get dark  I could look out across the  lake and still see light reflecting off of the water, but as I looked back into the woods behind me, I noticed that it was quite a bit darker than I realized.  At that point, I decided to head back to my truck before I lost visibility.  I packed my gear up and was walking up and down a couple of hills.  When I topped one of the hills I had to climb over a fallen tree.Just after I crossed the fallen tree, I hear a loud and very startling noise to my right.  I have never heard a sound like this before.  It almost sounded like the barking of a seal, except it was just a single bark, and  was loud enough to echo throughout the woods.  Out of reflex, I turned to  my right and what I saw almost scared the pee out of me.  It was a dirty white colored animal.  Its hair was long enough that I could see the hair shake when it moved.  It moved violently, almost as if it were shaking water off,  like a dog does.  It was definitely standing up on two legs, but was kind of crouched, as if it were running or about to jump off of ledge. 

Keep in  mind that all of this happened in one, maybe two seconds.  It was standing on top of another hill about 40 or 50 yards away.  After I caught a glimpse of it, it disappeared over the other side of the hill.  At that point, I hid behind the closest tree and got out my pocket knife.  I was kind of frozen and didn't know what to do; finally decided I should run for my truck.  I took off up and down a couple of more hills as fast as I could never looking  back.  When I reached my truck I got inside, locked the doors.  I didn't have cell phone service on the lake, but after driving a mile or so out of the park I called my fiancé and explained to her what happened.  She though I was joking at first, but soon realized that I was not making it up.  I drove about 15 minutes back to her parents wife, where I was staying at the time.  I told her father what happened and as soon as I finished the story, the first words out of his mouth were, "Jackson, you have seen the werewolf of Montgomery Bell". 

I grew up in Alabama and came to Nashville for school, where I met my wife.  At that point in time I had never heard anything about the werewolf.  My father-in-law told me it hadn't been seen in years, but many people have described the exact same thing that I did.  I have asked around about it and many people know about, or have heard stories about this animal.  My father-in-law also claims to have seen something in Montgomery Bell when he was a teenager.  There have been several sightings, but no one  knows exactly what it is. I tried to make sense out of the situation and convince myself it was a deer or a bear even, but I can't I can't accept those answers.  I don't know what it is I saw, but it was definitely not a bear, deer or any other type of animal I have ever seen before.  I am  interested in finding out what exactly is out there, but don't know how to go about doing it.  I have never been back to that place by myself again and will never go back by myself again either. I appreciate your interest in this sighting and am willing to find out as much as I can about it. Let me know what you think and if you have heard of something similar.

 "Jackson and Leslie"
Monday, May 17, 2004 9:28 PM