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No specific location given... South Dakota Sighting

In August 1998, I had a close encounter with this "thing", it was about 10-11 foot tall, I estimate weight at around 1300-1400 pounds. It was less than 10 feet from me when it stepped out of the trees, so I got a very good look at it (probably a much better look than I cared to get).

It was not someone dressed up in a "monkey suit." It was not human in any way (except for standing on 2 feet), definitely animal, and definitely intelligent (in an animal way). It was not hostile, but it was definitely not happy about my presence in its territory.

It moved me back the way I had come, escorting me about 300 yards (to the edge of the woods). I have never been so scared in my life! I had nightmares for about 6 months until I was able to exorcise its face from my head by drawing him (I have been drawing since I was 4 years old). I had a camera with me at the time, but being so close, I knew the flash would have provoked an attack on me (like I said, it was pissed off about my presence as it was.)

I thank the Great Spirit (Grandfather) for my artistic talent, I honestly feel if I hadn't been able to draw it, I would probably have had to be committed, I had to get that face out of my dreams.

-Devin King (Artistic rendition copyright Devin King)