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Crawford County, Arkansas, November 2000
Mountainburg in the Boston Mountain Range

We always thought people were nuts thinking bigfoot existed, but now fear people will say I'm the one that is nuts. So I don't tell many about what I saw, but am now someone who could not be convinced that he doesn't exist. Hwy 71 is a scenic drive that starts in Alma, Arkansas and ends in Fayetteville. It is mountainous with lots of dense woods, caves, lots of creeks and Lake Ft. Smith.

My husband and I were delivering papers around 4 am in the morning. As we came around a curve, we saw something large step out of the trees onto the side of the embankment that slopes down to the road. When our lights hit it, the thing stopped and swung its massive head and upper body around to look and as it did lost its footing and fell over onto its left knee and we drove passed it, the creature just sat there, but as soon as we passed, it went back up into the trees.... my husband wanted to turn around and go find it, but I am a coward. The creature was approximately 8 or 9 foot tall; it had long shaggy hair and appeared black. The hair hung from the face; it walked slightly humped over, but was hard to tell since it had almost immediately slid down and stopped. The body frame was very large and muscular looking especially the size of the thigh.

Carol Steward,, 501-369-xxxx

Report taken by Bobbie Short, forwarded to John Green on Wednesday, December 13, 2000