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Lane County
Blue Mountain School Road in Cottage Grove, Oregon

My mother saw Bigfoot in June of 1983. Our family went swimming in Oregon and we all started feeling uneasy, like we were being watched. I know it sounds overly dramatic, but it is true. We had our Doberman with us and he was acting strange. When we were swimming we heard a loud splash in the creek. Then we heard trees breaking. In fear it was a black bear my father quickly ushered us into the truck. My sisters and I sat in the back of the truck. My father drove very fast on the old logging road. Then suddenly we almost came to a stopped. Right where another logging road crossed the road we were on. My dog nearly jumped out and all of us kids grabbed him. Which focus our attention eastward down the other logging road. Suddenly, my father stomped on the gas and sent us kids (and dog) sailing against the tail bed of the truck. He never let up on the gas until we were about five miles away and we stopped at a store. Mother jumped out and said, "Did you kids see it? It was bigfoot!!"

My father quickly told her to lower her voice, but my father never said he had seen anything. In fact, for years my father denied or remained silent about our encounter. Just recently, my father broke down and said, "I just wanted to get my family somewhere safe. Away from it." My mother said that Bigfoot was just calmly walking down the logging road, kicking gravel, as if he was bored. She said he slowly looked up and saw us and looked back down to the ground.

Sometimes, I wonder if my dog was not trying to get away from it. Trying to jump out the opposite way Bigfoot was walking. I truly believe Bigfoot did not intend to hurt any of us. He would have clearly had his chance when we were swimming. He did throw something in the creek and broke many trees. I believe his way of saying this is my home you need to leave now. He didn't seem aggressive when we passed him on the logging road, according to my mother's account, just the opposite. I wonder if he was just relieved we were leaving. All I know is that he gave my mother, father, and my dog the biggest scare of their lives. My sisters and I sometimes are disappointed we didn't get to see the creature. We were busy wrestling with a dog and being slung around like rag dolls in the back of a truck. But maybe one day I will see him and I will probably be just as terrified as mom and dad. Then again, who knows?

I gave my mother your phone number but I am not sure if she or my dad will call. I did get a description from my mother. Height: a little over 6 feet; very muscular, brown hair all over, but when sun hit it reddish highlights were seen, arms hung below its knees, fingers were real long making legs look somewhat stumpy, it was very stocky. I ask her to estimate it's weight she said, "good lord I don't know, I weigh 190 lbs and I would have looked like a kid next to it, bigger than any human I've ever saw." She said its face looked more human than apelike. It had deep set eyes, very wide nose (nose had no hair on it), and there was hair from the cheekbones down covering everything except the nose. It walked upright like a man. She said it did not seem aggressive. I asked her since it did not look like an ape did it look like a Neanderthal man. She said no, it was not as ugly as a Neanderthal it looked like a hairy man. The creek we were swimming in was Mosby Creek right off Blue Mountain School Road in Cottage Grove, Oregon.
Hope it helps.
Will Paige
Filed April 23, 2002