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Coosa County, Alabama
Near Rockford
November 2001, afternoon

I was deer hunting one Saturday afternoon on a deer plot that was on the side of a nice size pasture. I got in the woods about 3:00 and left around 6:00. I had been sitting in my climbing stand for about an hour when I started to hear some very soft muffled noises. The sounds became louder as if what was making it was coming closer. The sounds lasted for about 5 minutes and then briefly stopped. As I looked out along the edge of the woods on the opposite side of the pasture I saw movement. There was a creature walking along the edge of the woods, then it stepped out into the pasture and just stood there for a while. As I struggled to get my binoculars out of its case, it started to walk. I looked at it through the binoculars and then it started making the noises again like its stomach was moving out and in, out and in, like an elk bull when its squeals.

Then I raised my gun and watched it through the scope, trying to get even a better look. Finally realized what I was witnessing I about fell out of the tree stand.

The creature started walking my way. It walked all the way across the pasture, choosing to walk in the dips and low parts of the pasture. The grasses and sagebrush in that cover the pasture were about four and one half feet high. As the creature kept getting closer, I climbed up as high as I could. The creature didn't even seem to notice the noise I was making. He/she (couldn't tell which) walked right under me! I was so scared and didn't know what to do. The thing looked up at me and laid his hands on the tree trunk. I thought he was about to climb that tree! I quickly aimed my rifle, putting the center of the cross hairs on his hip/back, and gently squeezed the trigger. I clearly made sure that the creature wasn't a human before I shot. As the bullet left the gun, the creature grabbed his hip and making a sound somewhat like a "blow." Then it hurriedly ran his exact tracks back across the pasture and when he got to the other side it ran down the wood line to a pond and jumped into it. I watched through the scope as it swam across the pond and went up the other side. The last I saw of him was at the bottom of the hill.

I told my dad what had happened and he didn't believe me at first until he remembered hearing a shot that was close by; he went to the tree looking for blood (I wouldn't go) but nothing was found. The next morning at the crack of dawn he looked for signs again, there were footprints. I figured with the sage grass at 4 ½ feet high, and remembering how much of his body was visible above the grass; we figured he was about 7 feet tall. I must have just nicked the creature given that I was shaking so bad. I hope he ran to Mississippi, no one should go through what I went through.

The terrain was a pasture of sage grass with pines, oaks, and other kind of trees on the edge. A pond was about 40 yards down from the pasture. The hill is wooded with a thin thicket at the bottom and a creek at the bottom.

The creature was about 7-feet tall and was slim, built like a swimmer or a marathon runner. His coat was of a light black but not quite brown color and was dirty looking and scraggly. Blake

Thursday, October 17, 2002 4:35 PM