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St. Louis County, Minnesota
Superior National Forest, Cloquet River

The closest road would be County Hwy 547; time: 11 PM; late June or early July, 1976

I'm not prone to exaggeration. My father is a naturalist. I've spent enormous amounts of time in remote wilderness, beginning when I was four year old, and continuing to the resent. I've worked professionally as an adult as a park ranger, and a game warden in East Africa. At the time of the event I was already personally experienced with bears, moose, deer, and once a cougar. Since then I've worked around big game, and seven kinds of primates, including mountain gorilla and chimpanzees.

The old Finish farmhouse itself was in St. Louis County, about 40 miles from Duluth to the northwest (near Brimson, MN). We reached the old homestead by way of a driveway that was heavily overgrown and at least a quarter mile long. To the north was a thickly wooded cedar swamp and stream that I've wandered in occasionally. These woods were part of Superior National Forest. To east and west were some old broken down homestead buildings and fields gone wild, followed by more woods. To the south was the ¼ mile of thick woods to the road. The nearest neighbors were quite some distance away; I would guess ½ mile or so. The main house was located at the northern end of a grassy clearing about 40 yards north/south, and 60 yards east/west. A gravel drive with our cars parked on it came up from the south to within 20 yards of the house. About 15 yards to the southeast of the house was a tall telephone pole with a yard light mounted on it. My dad and I had set up our blue two-man tent in this grassy clearing about 25 yards south of the house. It was night and our friend's 3 children had gone up to the loft bedrooms and were awake talking a bit. My Dad, and our hosts were downstairs talking at the north end of the house. I visited with the other kids for a while upstairs. I didn't want to go to bed out in the tent while everyone else was having a good time talking. Then I went downstairs and sat with the adults for a while. Around half past ten dad sent me off to bed. I went reluctantly. The moon was out and it was late so I believe it was a partial moon, and if memory serves there were some clouds scudding across the otherwise clear star filled sky.

The yard light put out a fair amount of light, so that I could see my way to the tent easily. The front of the tent faced the house, and thus the yard light as well. I opened the tent got in and zipped the mosquito net closed. I took my pants and shirt off leaving my underwear on. I then started to read a book without the aid of a flashlight. The light coming in was enough.

After about 20 minutes I was getting sleepy. don't remember if I was still reading or not when I heard footsteps in the grass coming toward the tent. I sat up thinking dad must be coming to bed. But the steps were coming from my left — from the west; the house was north of me. The steps came nearer, quiet on the grass but unmistakable footsteps. Then to my surprise the shadow of two legs walking from left to right in front of the tent were cast on the tent fabric, and then the mosquito netting, by the yard light. I saw the silhouette of the two legs from waist down as they passed. Who ever made them came very near as they passed (within ten feet). The steps moved off to the right a bit, perhaps 30-40 feet (where there was brush cover) and were silent.

I called out, "Dad is that you?" No answer. About this time the hairs on the back of my neck began to prickle, and a lump formed in my throat. My pulse was pounding. I was surprised at my sudden fear, but it had a hold of me absolutely. I thought it out in an instant. Why should I be afraid? No one here would hurt me, and we were far from any neighbors. "Dad are you out there?" Not expecting a response.

Then the footsteps began again starting from where the stopped to my right and coming towards the tent again. I froze. I was practically choking in fear, I thought something bad was going to happen. The shadow of the walking legs was again cast on the tent door this time moving to the left. The footsteps moved off to the left a bit and were quiet. Were they gone, or were they waiting only a short distance away, waiting for me to do something? I don't know, they couldn't have gone far.

I waited about five minutes trying to breath silently, listening with every part on me. Then I couldn't stand it any longer. I pulled on my jeans, pulled open the zipper of the tent and looking only straight ahead bolted at top speed into the house, hollering alarm once inside. Dad and our friends were right where I left them. I told them what had happened and the assured me that they had been there all along. They also said that none of the kids had been down from the upstairs. I went upstairs and found the kids where I left them in bed. Upon hearing what had happened they swore they knew nothing about it. I believe them. I also believe the older folks. The parents tried to tell me it was an overactive imagination, or perhaps the moon casting the shadow of a cloud on the tent.

The legs of my visitor were of a biped. They were large/tall. The stride, as I saw it, was smooth and steady. It was quite possibly a person, but what a person would be doing snooping around a remote farmstead miles from any town in the middle of the night, quarter mile from even a road — I don't know. I noticed no smell at all. I decided to contribute this experience as being of "possible interest" after reading of another similar interloper sighting, in the same rough area, around the same year. I first wrote down my recollection of this event in 1984.

Witness personal information removed by request.