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Clay County, Missouri

There was a sighting of a creature in Kearney, Missouri about 20 years ago (1981, no details).
On one occasion it was in this person bedroom watching the people sleep. They saw this thing running across a field they gave chase but it was to fast. One girl was walking home and saw it a few yards away, noticed a strong odor about it but I've never seen it. I know the people that did and I believe them. But a couple of years ago (1999) while I was driving around in the country late at night on this country road I stop on this little over pass over a creek and I could smell this strong odor, I couldn't see anything but I know it is still out there, not everything can be explained
it just so happens, it just is. Thank You!

Logged Wednesday, May 16, 2001 5:58 AM
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