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Date: 04/14/2000 CASE REPORTS
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Case Description: ANIMAL CALLS

On 03/28/2000 at approximately 5:15 a.m., E/B on CTH H, he thinks he seen "Big Foot", approximately 7/10th mile west on CTH K on CTH H by the creek.

I checked for tracks on 03/29/2000-unfounded.
See taped interview. DEP GREG HERRICK #332 CLARK COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEFT. NEWS RELEASE DATE: 04-06-00 On 03-28-00 at approxmately 5:15 a.m.

Mr.James Hughes was traveling on CTH H, approximately .7 mile west of CTH K, in Clark County near Panther Creek bridge when he observed what he described to be a large creature, approximately eight feet tall, step off the roadway and go into the ditch. He estimated this creature to be in excess of 500 pounds and walking on two legs. Mr. Hughes also advised he felt it was carrying someting in its arms, possibly the carcass of a goat. Mr. Hughes stated this creature appeared to have grayish colored hair all over its body.

On 03-29-00 Mr. Hughes reported this incident to the Clark County Sheriff's Department. At that time a deputy met with Mr. Hughes to investigate the incident. Mr. Hughes also took the deputy to the site, however no physical evidence was able to be obtained. At this time the Clark County Sheriff's Department does not feel further investigation is needed. No further sightings have been reported. From information gathered it does not appear this creature is a threat to anyone. Dale Olson Clark Co. Sheriff.

Report and Interview courtesy veteran investigator Ron Schaffner, October 2004, this case was initially investigated by Trish Cameron for the BFRO, her name was removed from their report after she was of no further use to Matt Moneymaker. The investigation remains her time, her work, her money.

CASE 2000-1820
Interviewing: JAMES T. HUGHES M/W, DOE 06/21/42 W3586 CTH H GRANTON, WI 54436
Date: 03/29/2000 Time ll:04A.M.
332: Jim, this is a voluntary statement on your behalf, do you understand this?
JH: Yup.
332: You called in a complaint into the sheriffs department for me on a object that you seen yesterday morning about 5:15 a.m., you described it as "Big Foot", start from the beginning, on what, where you went yesterday morning, what you saw and what you were doing.
JH: Wife and I got up about 4 o'clock in the morning, shortly before 4, drank a cup of coffee, about quarter after I headed for Neillsville to pick up papers as Clark County Press. I got there right around 4:30, 25 to 5, some where in there, I loaded a 1000 papers, which takes you about 15, it took me about 15 minutes, I talked to Dee maybe a minute or two, stopped at Kwik Trip, got a gallon of milk, three leaves of bread, pack of cigarettes and headed home. So, I left Neillsville probably right around, right around 5 o'clock. Pretty close to that, I never did check the watch. About a mile and a half from home, I broke over a hill and I seen something in the road, it was, he was, it was daylight enough, you could see without lights, but the car was still (inaudible) on lights. There were no cars in sight, I seen there was something in the road, it was tall, but not very wide, it seemed like it moved to one side, I don't know idea what the hell it was, as I got closer it, he, looked like a, like a real big, big man. So, I got right near, right near a bridge and the lights, I had my lights on, I started slowing down, I didn't know what the hell it was, and the thing stepped off the road and it was on the edge of the road and it stepped in the ditch like it went one giant step and as I went by it was some kind of a hairy critter, it must have been at least 8 feet high. I mean, this thing was huge. It was all covered with a, it looked like a real dark grayish covered hair. The damn thing had something in its hand and it turned and looked at me as I went by, it resembled a face of an ape. And as I went by, that thing looked at me and I got scared as hell, I took my foot on the carburetor and left and got the hell out of there. When I walked through the door, I told my wife I wish to hell you went with me, and she says why and I says I think I see that goddamn "Big Foot" and she says see, I told you they exist, I says well goddamn, I never believed until now.
332: Starting back here you crossed this bridge and I'm looking in the Flat book, this bridge were talking about, it's going to be Panther Creek just west of H and K.
JH: I was looking at it enough that I ran off the road on the other side of the road.
332: You were eastbound?
JH: I was in east, yeah and I felt my tire leave the pavement and Ijerked it back and just about that time I was going right past this critter where it was, the damn thing turned and I, I stepped on her and to hell to do and I didn't see no more and I didn't wait to find out, I got the hell out ofthere.
332: How tall did you think it was?
JH: Judging by the lay of the road, and sitting here right now, I'd say that damn thing was at least 8 feet high. At least.
332: About how wide on the shoulders?
JH: God, I don't, I don't know, it was huge, that's all I know.
332: How big do you think?
JH: Twice as wide as I am. I don't know. Three times maybe. I don't know.
332: How much do you think it weighed?
JH: I betcha the thing weighed 500 pounds.
332: Was it standing on 4 legs or 2.
JH: It was standing on 2 legs. It looked like a, like a king-size gorilla. I mean a huge bastard. That's what it looked like. He was all hair, the arms, legs, head, everything was allhair. It was a dark grayish color from what I could make out. And he had something in its, in its hand, it would have been the right hand like it might have been a carcass of a goat or something, I don't know. I didn't pay, really get a good look and I didn't want to wait around to find out. I seen that I got the hell out of here. 332: Were you scared? JH: You're damn right I was scared. I was shitting right in my drawers; I got to tell you, all that's to it.
332; Were there any other vehicles in the area?
JH: Not that I know of, not that I remember.
332: Ever see anything like this before?
JH: Never in my life. Not even a picture of in my life.
332: Just for a, I asked you this before, you know, imagine complaints like this are very rare, but no doubt there was probably something that you seen, butjust for the record, you know, people are going to question it naturally and you feel the same way, are you on any medication?
JH: No I'm not.
332: Were you drinking at all?
JH: Nope.
332: Any drugs?
JH: No, I don't take, use drugs of any kind.
332: You're in good mental health?
JH: As far as I know, you may say different I don't know but.
332: No. JH: I know he is.
332: No, you’re not doctoring with anybody?
JH: No. I'm perfectly fine, except for a bad back; I'm perfectly fine. And I put off calling, calling for, I was going to call yesterday, but I didn't call because people are going to think I'm nuts. I'm still afraid of it, but I was talked into calling this morning.
332: Um, okay keep us posted, if something else, if you hear of anybody in the neighborhood talking or hear anything you let us know.
JH: I will.
332: Do you have anything else to add?
JH: No, I guess not, I just wished to Christ I knew what it was.
332: This will conclude the interview with James, time is 11:10 a.m.