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Clackamas County, Oregon
July 1998

Frank Kaneaster report (Bigfoot HQ) Scott Voet, 36, of Estacada, OR, saw a Bigfoot on July 19th, 1998, at 6 PM. It was sunny and 80 degrees. Scott had packed in to a hill out Burn Road, near Estacada, and set up camp. A seven foot tall cinnamon-brown ape ran toward him, and ran off. He broke camp, thinking he was lucky to get his pack horse loaded. He left his $200 tent and ice chest with food in it. Frank investigated the site, and found the tent torn down and the ice chest open and food strung around including fish that was in the bottom of the ice chest (bear would have eaten). Frank noted the two trees next to the tent were stripped of bark up to eight feet (a territorial sign?). Frank gave me a Polaroid print of the tent, but it did not come out clear enough to print.

Frank Kaneaster also had a report from Sept. 5th, 1998. The elk hunter, Johnny Mochea and Jay were up Hollock Burn Road near Estacada, Oregon when about 6:45 AM both men saw a cinnamon brown ape staring at them from a water ditch. It swayed from side to side as Johnny walked down to see if it was another bow hunter...and was startled to note it was an ape. As he walked closer it ran up the ditch bank and was gone. Weather was sunny and 69 degrees 45 minutes after the sighting when Frank was told of the event. Frank found an indistinct four-toe print at the site which he photographed.
Credit Source: Posted by Ray Crowe