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Chittenango, New York
Rock throwing incident

I had an encounter with the "Big Foot" on January 7th 2000. I was outside walking through the woods in the back of my house in Chittenango New York. I was about a mile in back of my house deep in the wood when I heard sticks cracking behind me. I turned around but didn't see anything so I kept walking. I heard sticks cracking behind be once again so I turned around and about 20 feet behind me was a large creature around 7 ft. tall. I just stood there for a second staring at it and then It picked up a large rock and threw it at me.

It missed me and so I ran all the way back to my house. Since then I haven't been back in to the woods but I've heard howling sounds coming from in there. A response would be welcomed to this e-mail. I would like to know what I should do about the "Bigfoot?"

Jessica Skelton, Wed, 23 Feb 2000 00:23:10 EST.