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Chippewa National Forest, Minnesota
Near Squaw Lake

I am sure of what I saw this time, and "may" have seen another near Outing Mountain back in 1984. The area is flat logged-off forest, with patches of timber remaining. The creature I saw had a large frame, broad shoulders, weighed about 300+ pounds and was approximately 6 feet to 7 feet tall. It moved quickly into the timber and disappeared. The creature looked like a very large man in an overcoat. I was a long way down the logging road; we were logging 11 miles off the main road, there were no other people out there. This is off Minn. #46 road about 3:00 pm. The closest water would be the Mississippi River. You can phone me at: 218 792 xxxx.

Jerry Andersen.

Report taken by Bobbie Short Wed, 20 Sep 2000

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