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Ligonier Township Westmoreland County Pennsylvania
November 2002
Unusual tracks found, cast and photographed.

Last week, members of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society were hiking in the mountain ridge known as the Chestnut Ridge, located near the small town of Ligonier Pennsylvania. This area has been a known hotspot for sightings of Bigfoot, UFO's and other strange phenomenon.

On November 2, 2002 discovered two unusual tracks off of a dirt-logging road. These tracks were cast, and photographed. The following day, another track was found. I am NOT stating these are Bigfoot tracks, nor are any members of the group. These are unusual looking tracks. No other signs of human tracks were found.

The larger track measured 14 x 7 and the smaller 12 x 6. The track found on Sunday Nov 3, 2002 also measured 14 x 7. If you would like to offer your input and view these tracks, please go to the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society website at and click on the expedition section of the main page. Then click on the Pennsylvania Researchers Organization. They are the most recent photos added. You will also be able to view photos of other outings done by the P.R.O and the P.B.S. Any input or thoughts on the tracks would be appreciated.

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