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Chemung County, New York

March 12, 2000 -- Regarding the creature, alleged to have crossed the road in front of a fire truck in Chemung County, New York, -this is what I have found out:

The man who put it out over the web was also the driver of the car that almost hit the creature. He is 29-year-old Joe Sabin. He and his brother encountered what they described as being a 7 foot 350 lb Bigfoot. It was 9:00 p.m., the creature moved from the left of the road directly in front of a fire truck. It was stooped at the shoulders, with arms swinging at its side, dark in color.

The entire sighting took exactly 3 or 4 seconds. The approximate speed of the fire truck was 60 mph so they nearly collided with the Sasquatch. At this point, he states, “I felt that I’d seen something I shouldn’t have.” He and his brother said almost simultaneously, “It’s a Bigfoot!”

“It didn’t look anything like the one in the Patterson film. It was much leaner, resembling a basketball player in a fur suit.” “I first thought it came out of the corn field by the side of the road,” he said.

The next day he went back and found broken branches where it came up out of the swamp, which also borders this particular stretch of highway. “I feel, he continued, “that the siren on the fire truck spooked it.”

Mr. Sabin later called the Fire Company and talked to the chief and described the fire truck that nearly hit a bear. Not trying to sound like a nut. The chief gave him the name of the driver.

Mr. Sabin told the chief he wanted to find out if the driver of the fire truck had seen the same thing he did. He left his phone number, but he was never contacted by the driver or anyone else.

Just a footnote: Chemung County is approximately 30 miles from Corning, New York according to Mr. Sabin. He called me at 4:30 on March 11 th. I’m setting up a meeting towards the end of April or the first part of May to review his statement and check out the location of the sighting.

Bill Brann
Corner of Yole & Mountain View
Hudson Falls, New York 12839 USA

© A letter from Bill Brann, filed in the database of Bobbie Short, March 17, 2000
Investigators: Bill Brann, New York and John Green, Harrison Hot Springs, B.C.