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Cleburne County, Alabama
July 2000

A little over 100 miles from Huntsville is one of the eleven state parks in Alabama--Cheaha State Park. The Talladega National Forest is located just south of Anniston, Alabama in Delta and is a part of the Appalachian Mountains. Cheaha State Park is atop Cheaha Mountain, the highest peak in Alabama at 2,407 feet. Appropriately, Cheaha is the Indian word for "high." I'm not sure about the county, it could be Madison County, AL.

Footprints found at Salt Creek Falls close to Cheaha State Park a sighting occurred and was noted by three observers."My husband, myself and my husbands friend were walking on a narrow trail to Salt Creek Falls near Talladega National Forest.

I stopped on the trail when I smelled a foul smell. We did not see or hear anything at this time. We walked down to the falls, the water was very low so we walked out onto the large rocks to sit, we sat talking for about 30 minutes. I heard a sound like trees moving then I heard nothing else.

We were on our way out when we saw a very large footprint in the sandy creek bank. It was approx. 18 inches long and about 7 inches wide it had very pronounced toe prints."