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Chautauqua National Forest, New York
Seneca Nation Property

Autumn 1994 -- Aggressive behavior? Or is it just a game to them?

It was late September that I was visiting friends who lived at the edge of the Chautauqua National forest. Chautauqua National Forest is probably not listed on the New York forest registry because it is technically on Seneca Nation Reservation Property. Locate Jamestown, New York on the map or Lillydale; it would be the forests that border this property going to the north. It is about an hour south of Buffalo.

My friend and I had gotten up early to hike one the nature trails that go thoughout the park. This part of Western New York is about an hour south of Buffalo and in between the Seneca Nation.

The tourist season of the summer had ended and it was not yet deer hunting season but the foliage was still thick. My friend and I started on the trail early around 6:30 am in the morning it was still dusk outside and sun was just beginning to rise. After about 20 minutes into our hike we had come to what looked like a marsh like environment with fallen trees and some open spaces.

We had stopped to survey the area just looking around at how beautiful the scenery was. I would like to say at this point that my friend who is also a professional photographer wished he had brought his camera (and in a few moments I wished he had as well.)

As we stood there we got the strange sense that we were being watched. I thought this strange considering the remoteness of the area and how early it was. As I turned around to see what was behind us we heard a movement in the bushes. At this point I thought it was a bear; Bigfoot had not entered my mind at all.

We both began to make a lot of noise and talking loud enough so that if it was a bear it would run off instead of charging. After awhile we realized that it was not a bear or any other animal because with all the noise we were making whatever was in the thickets had not moved.

At this point we thought it had to be a human but as we neared the thickets about 50 feet from were we were standing we heard a heavy breathing and saw through the thicket what appeared to be a large dark form either laying down or squatting.

My friend became very frightened and even at this point Bigfoot had not entered either of our thoughts. My friend urged me to continue down the original trail and back to where we had started. We were already deep into the woods and had at least another good 20 minutes of brisk walking or running if whatever was in the bushes decided to follow us. As we started down the trail whatever was in the bushed darted behind the nearest tree and began to follow us.

After a few minutes of this it became aggravating. So my friend and I thought we would stop and hide behind the nearest tree we could find to see what this 'thing' would do. As I peered out from behind the side of this tree what I saw is something I will never forget. When I stared at the tree and bushes that this 'thing' was hiding behind (I will say not well) at what appeared to be the 6-foot level of a branch was a dark hairy shoulder and part of a massive forearm. At this point I knew exactly what I was looking at. It was a 7 foot tall Sasquatch and with all of my nerve I tried to get my friend to see from my angle.

When my friend moved over to my side to get a look this creature moved just enough to see its torso and that was all my friend needed to see and he took off. I was left standing their wondering if the reports of these things chasing people were true. But all it did was stand there waiting for me to make my move.

This was the point I was scared the most. I did not know what to do so I began to talk to it out loud and said " We are not here to hurt you, we are just moving though..." I said this in a calming voice despite the fact that my nerves were as frayed as they could be. I started down the trail in a calm walking gait and this Sasquatch kept right up with me about 75 feet behind me always staying just out of my line of view. It stopped following me about a half mile from the end of the trail.

When I caught up with my friend he was too shaken up to talk about it and has never mentioned it again. I have been back to the area since this incident and my friend will not go into the woods by himself and only with a great number of people.

I would like to add that there was no smell associated with this sighting and no vocalization only heavy breathing and what sounded like a low guttural ground and some form of what sounded to me to be lip smacking.

Several months later I had read that in Jamestown N.Y. there had been a sighting of a white Bigfoot that chased a group of kids off a bike path not far from where I had my sighting.

Bobbie you can use my story on your web site if you wish.

Thanks again,
Kenneth Joholske

Report filed Sent: Friday, February 15, 2002 8:15 AM

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