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Central Oregon
Tshudy's Pass, South of Simpson Butte
Sunday August 11, 2002

Dear Mr. Wood,
I am familiar with your group, and the fact that you would like to locate the creature known as big foot. I had a sighting of big foot yesterday at Tshudy's Pass in Central Oregon. (Which is located South of Simpson Butte in Central Oregon.) I was hiking along a seldom-used trail when it stepped out from behind a tree. It looked at me, then turned and walked over the hill. By the time I reached the top, it was nowhere to be seen. I would guess it to be about 7 feet tall and maybe 400 lbs. It was thin, yet
muscular, with light brown hair. The ground was very hard and dry, and I did not see any prints.

When the shock wore off, I realized how frightened I was, so I turned around and headed for my car and didn't look back. I can give you more details at a later time, but I thought I at least should report this to someone. Thank you, Steve Branson

PS You may pass along my story, but I would appreciate you not giving out my contact information. Thanks.

Investigated by Rick Wood, Director of O.S.I.R.
Oregon Sasquatch Investigations and Research
(Rob Butler)