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Claiborne County, Tennessee
November 1979

I live in Claiborne County Tn. and am 40 years old. I have shared this with very few people, because let's face it, when you tell someone you have seen a Bigfoot in this neck of the woods, you get a lot of stares, and quiet a bit of heckling. However, I feel that this needs to be told, so that anyone living in this area, who see's this creature, will not feel so alone.

In November of 1979, my brother and I were driving home early one evening. We hadn't been drinking or doing drugs, so rest assured we were not hallucinating. Anyway, it was drizzling rain, and just dark enough to necessitate the use of headlights. About a mile from home, there is a steep turn in the road, and I had slowed the car to about 10 miles per hour. On the left hand side of the road, there is a bank about 6-8 feet high that parallels the road for about 100 feet. Well, just as we approached the curve, this hugh creature jumped off the bank, onto the road bed, just inside the car lights. It stood around 8-9 feet high and probably weighted 400-500 lbs, (estimated). It never seemed to get in any hurry, it just strolled across the road, and into the woods on the right hand side of the road.

When I saw this creature, I stopped immediately, and my hair felt like it was standing on end. I turned to my brother, and asked if he had seen it too. He said he had, "but he had seen it before." He stated that he had watched it and two others foraging in a field for berries, and in the woods while squirrel hunting, on different occasions.

I have never seen it since, but several different times since then, I have heard it "bellowing" (for lack of a better word). It is never at the same time of night, and sometimes months may pass between incidents, but I do hear it, so I know it is in this area from time to time.

One person I shared this with told me, that the old people used to talk about what they called the "Mulberry Monster," so it must have been in this part of the country for many years. I do not want my name disclosed should you put this note on your web site. However, I will put my name and other information in the Post Script should you wish to talk to me.

Witness details withheld as requested; report taken by RT 17 June 2001