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Cass/Itasca County, Minnesota

I told my cousin about your site and asked him if he could write up a short story about what they saw that night crossing the road. He refers to what he saw as "It" and it scared him. He said he would not want to be stalled out on county road #9 night or day. "It" crossed the road in front of them and looked right at them and was in no hurry to cross the road. Its eyes did not reflect and they had to slow down to avoid hitting it. He said the legs on that thing were huge.

I talked to him about the six mile lake road sighting and he said some company from up
california to look at the tracks and I guess they found hair samples and thought that the tracks were real.

He also relate to me that just prior to this sighting sombody saw a bigfoot through a infrared device up in the Mt. Iron area. He said they yelled at it and it hide behind a tree and they lost sight of it.

This happened in Minnesota on the border with Cass/Itasca County on County Road #9 just off Hwy #2 and Six mile Lake Road is about 5 miles from the jct of Hwy #2 and County Rd #9.

Mt.Iron is about 70 miles east of county road #9. My cousin Bob Howard if you ever meet him will tell you all about the sighting. I never questioned him in detail until last Saturday. I never knew they were that close to it almost hitting it with the car.

Again, he is pretty sure it was no bear, cougar, or moose. (map of county follows)

Calvin Goggleye