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Johnson City, Carter County, Tennessee
September 1998 around 9 pm
Closest water is Watauga Creek near Milligan Highway

At the time this happened I was about 12 or 13 years old.  I was laying down in bed trying to go to sleep and I was starting to get hot.  So I got up to turn my fan on.  My fan sat on a dresser next to my window.  So as I got up to turn my fan on something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye.  My neighboors have a street light so I had decent light to see outside with. I looked out the window to see what it was.  What I seen was a bigfoot.  I just remember being shocked and I couldn't move.  It was like I was froze.  I clearly remember it's walk.  It walked exactly how the bigfoots I see on tv.  Very much like the famous Patterson, Gimlin film.  It walked slightly hunched over with the bend at the knees and those long swinging arms.  I also remember it's hair color.  From the way the light was shining, I could only really  see clearly the color on it's left arm and back.  It was a dark brown color.  Also I remember its body just being so thick.

I would have to guess it weighed around 450 to 500 pounds.  I  would also have to say it was 8 feet tall or so.  My bedroom window is probably 12 to 13 feet off  the ground and it was slightly shorter than my window.  Also it was probably 12 to 15 feet away from my window.  This sighting probably lasted 15 seconds or so.  After the 15 seconds I rememebr getting myself together and backing away from my window.  I just stood there thinking if what I just seen  really happened.  My parents bedroom was next to mine so I went to tell them and of course they laughed at me.  My dad looked outside for me but didnt see anything.  The next day I told my neighboorhood friends and they also laughed at me.  No one except my brother believes what I seen that night.  Everyday I relive my experience in my head and I know no matter how many people laugh at me and dont believe what I seen, I know im very fortunate to see what I did that night.

The area has mountains, hills and creeks running through the woods.
Brian Smithpeters
Sunday, September 14, 2003