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Caribou County, Idaho 2000
Soda Springs is nearest city
June 2000 9:46 PM

It was an almost full moon night. My friends and I were driving in from Garden City, Utah to see friends in Soda Springs, Idaho. We were almost to Lake Alexander and as a car passed us, the light shined on this tall, dark, hairy mammal. We both looked to the left at the same time, and saw it and screamed. At first I thought it might be a hitchhiker but it was definitely some kind of animal.

I stopped the car and we tried to see it but it ran off in a human like way except it seemed to make huge steps. We don't know if this was an actual sighting, but we will never forget the "bigfoot" we saw.

We were reluctant to tell anyone but we told my friend's Uncle and he says that his friend had the same occurrence close to Soda Springs, Idaho. B. Jackson.

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