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Boundary County, Idaho
Canuck Basin

On a early snowy morning last September around Canuck Basin area which I hunted since I was a kid, I was amazed by the six inches of snow that covered the mountain. I knew I would be able to track elk but I didn't think I would see human like prints around a fresh moose gut pile on the side of the road.

I saw the gut pile the day before and figured a bear cleaned it up that night but when me and my buddy decided to look for bear tracks, which a bear would leave tracks every were it was feeding we didn't find anything around the area. I was dumbfounded when my buddy said, "Look at this," in a shocked voice. First thing I thought, "How could a bear leave this track," when a weird feeling hit me, this couldn't be a bear track.

It was about 14 inches in length and narrow. There were only two sets of tracks that if you didn't get out of the truck and look for them you wouldn't of seen them. It was like the creature was trying to leave no trace. We took pictures of the footprints and left with a new thought about what's out there.

Glenn Owsley
Logged July 25. 2003