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Cambria County, Pennsylvania

On July 27th (or 29th), 1994, Joe Nemanich and a friend Tom Johnson, were driving on a four lane that turned into two-lane highway, Route 422, between Revloc and Colver (mining towns, note spelling reversal of names). At 3:15 AM as they approached the crest of a hill in Joe's pickup truck, they saw a figure crossing the highway in the truck's high beams.

Tom, almost unglued, screaming, "Did you see that...?" They had closed to within 100 yards doing 55 MPH. The dark brown creature, that at first they thought was a bear, was very tall, huge upper body but a narrow waist and wide shoulders. As it turned to profile, Joe noticed a deep barrel-shaped chest. Joe said there was a type of mist around the feet as the thing ran up a grassy roadside embankment, and into the woods. He guessed the weight of the creature at 400 pounds. Joe pulled off the road and went back, but by then the creature was gone. There was no sign of tracks on the road banks. They were returning from a musical "gig" in Altoona, and Joe said they hadn't been drinking at all.

Joe Nemanich in Johnstown, Pennsylvania

© Report courtesy Ray Crowe, IBS, Track Record Editor
Hillsboro, Oregon... posted March 25, 2002

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