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Caddo County, Apache, Oklahoma
April, 2006
Former Boone Elementary School, 5 miles west of Apache, Oklahoma.

My Grandson and friends were playing behind the old school, during the Lion Gynmastic Meet, as we were walking around the school, my Grandson came running to me and said, "you have to see this!"

I didnt know what he meant, he kept pointing to the ground and saying, "look at this huge footprint!" I looked down and couldnt believe what I was looking at and I have lived around this area all my life and have never encountered such a thing.

My Grandson and I had the very same answer, it must be a bigfoot that came through here. I got down closer and looked to make sure this is what I was looking at, I put my foot inside the huge footprint which was 3 times bigger then my size 7 shoe. 

As we looked we discovered more barefootprints with a huge gap between each imprint, these prints lead toward a nearby creek, -- I dont know if this is a joke, but to make these tracks someone went through alot of trouble to do so.

I want to believe this is real!!
Vanessa Sapcut
We are residents of Apache, Oklahoma (County Map below)