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Bigfoot Encounters

Butler County, Ohio
July 1999

The following information I am giving is completely true. This is a real incident that has happened in my life. You can draw your own conclusion and please keep an open mind when reading the following.

My friend's family owns around 100 acres of a woodsy area of Ohio with a vast web of creeks and streams. One day while wandering with my best friend through branches of the creek, we stopped to swim because we were getting hot.

We were wading through a deeper area, challenging one another to catch minnows with a small cup. While trying to succeed at catching the fish, my friend came across a small animal skull, vertebrae, and a femur with fresh muscle and fur still attached. We examined the remains closely and drew the conclusion that it was once a raccoon. This struck as odd, featuring it was lying on the creek bank and was still slightly bloody, yet no other pieces of the animal could be found. While my friend was still examining the bones, something provoked me to look up the creek.

What I saw will forever be etched in my mind. It was a tall lumbering brown figure. At first we thought it was a bear, then a human. It dawned on us that it was actually a Sasquatch, which locals say roams the area, and has been spotted by several others. It looked to be anywhere from six to eight feet tall when standing erect. It was covered in thick dark brown fur, and its chest and face were the only body parts not covered in fur. The flesh of its chest and face was a tanned and tough looking skin. It was about 20 yards away from us stooping over something hitting it with a rock. It then stood up, looked at us, and ran off like a bat out of hell.

My friend and I stood in shock for several seconds trying to analyze what we had just seen.

To this day we both swear on our lives that it was a Sasquatch.

Rodney Lintner

Report taken 20 December 2001

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