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Between Braxton and Webster Counties - Charleston, West Virginia
(Braxton Monster?) December 31, 1960

The Daily Mail carried a story headed "Is Braxton Monster Back?" Mrs. Charles Stover had told the newspaper that when her husband was driving home about eleven o'clock on a backwoods road near Hickory Flats, between Braxton and Webster Counties, he rounded a curve and saw "the monster, standing erect, with hair all over his face and body." The thing was only 6 feet tall, which should have convinced the reporter that it couldn't be the original "Braxton Monster." That was described in September of 1952, by a woman from Flatwoods, who said she had seen a "Monster about ten feet tall, with face fiery red,a green body and a headpiece which looked like the ace of spaces." The 1952 report is supposed to have drawn 10,000 to 15,000 visitors to the area. The Braxton County Monster has nothing whatever to do with the sasquatch. See this 1952 original news article:

Mason County, WV
Another report dated July 1968: Mason County West Virginia
"There are no bears in Mason County, but in November 1966, Mr. Cecil Lucas saw three bear-like creatures sniffing around an oil pump in his field. His farm is located a few hundred yards from the McDaniel home and is on the banks of the Ohio. When he came out of the house to investigate, the dark hairy forms ran off erect towards the river, disappearing into the thicket.

Braxton County, WV
In the UFO Report of December 1976, an article stated that two teenagers reported to the Braxton County Sheriff's office that while heading for a drive-in theatre at West, West Virginia on August 17, 1976, they encountered an 8 foot, black apelike creature crouched in the road. It stood up and watched them for about 30 seconds, then walked into the woods. © John Green, "Sasquatch, The Apes Among Us" 1978