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Botetourt County, Virginia
Nearest City, Buchanan
September 20, 2003 occurred around 6:00 pm
Closest water would be the James River, closest road would I-81

Two friends and myself were hiking in my friends new 950 acre property which includes many miles of wooded area. It was getting dark and we had been hiking all day so we decided to head back to her house.

 We got turned around somewhere at a fork in the trail. So we decided to backtrack to see where we got lost. Instead of finding our way out we ended up getting even farther into the woods and darkness was quickly falling. We took out our lights and proceeded to find her house. We turned a corner that was covered in rocks when we smelt this horrible smell. Since we lived in this area we didn't think anything of it until we heard something following us that was breathing heavily. At this point we were terrified so we picked up the pace and we could tell it was too. So we turned around to finally see what it was and all we saw was this huge manlike creature dashing off the trail but we were able to get a good look at it.

It had an ape-like face and was covered in dark brown/black hair and it smelled horrible; maybe 7-8 feet tall, hairy, bulky figure. We watched it a few more minutes as it dissappeared into the woods.

We didn't know who to tell until we found this website and we realized other people had seen what they thought was Bigfoot in Virginia
. The area was heavily wooded mountainous area on an unmarked  trail; it's rocky and has caves near the James River.

Thomas, Sarah and Rachel
 If ever a Bigfoot search in Virginia please e-mail me

Logged: Wednesday, October 01, 2003 11:44 AM