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Boone County, Arkansas

I have never thought of telling the experiences my husband and I have had. I will admit that before our experience my husband, my mother and myself were not believers. You ask us today if we believe we will tell you YES!

In 1995 my husband was traveling on what we call a back road coming from our house at the time to a small town. He was pulling an old jet ski up an incline on this dirt road when he came to a curve. As he was about to go into this curve he said this big creature started to walk out of the edge of the woods like it was going to cross the road. He startled the creature and it startled him. He said the creature stood up, turned around and ran back into the woods. He said it did not crawl or walk, it ran. He describes it as having long brown hair all over its body, having long arms and standing like a human stands.

It scared my husband so badly that we weren't allowed to slow down anywhere around that area when driving for the longest time. I always thought he was crazy until a year later.

My mother and I were traveling on the same dirt road about a year later. I was driving a little sports car so we were going slowly due to the rough road. We passed the area where my husband had seen his creature and we were coming up on an old homestead that sits close to the road. Behind the homestead there is a wooded area. We were about to take the curve in front of the homestead when I asked mother if she saw that up in the woods? We stopped the car and watched this big brown hairy creature walk upright like it was as if we had startled it. It headed farther into the woods. We looked at each other and couldn't believe what we were seeing. We know it wasn't a bear because a bear does not have long arms that hang to its side and sway as it walks. It was walking upright like a human.

It took along time for us to tell people what we saw but once we started talking about it we heard of other people who have seen something big and hairy around the same area.

I'm not sure if this helps or if this even interests you but I wanted to pass my story along to someone who I think will not call us crazy and laugh at us. We never got out of our cars to see if there were any tracks. It was a shock just seeing what we saw.

Thank you for listening,
Paula Eldridge- Harrison, Arkansas
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Wednesday, October 18, 2006 7:45 PM